Artist Bio - Vanessa Sage, PhD

Dr, Vanessa Sage

Vanessa Sage, PhD

I have a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from McMaster University. Over the course of my 10-year academic career, I’ve studied: Buddhism, goddess spirituality, pilgrimage, contemporary paganism, and how hope for a city was embodied in an arts scene.


I have a deep love of photography and for many years have been recording all aspects of my life and its many adventures through the lens of a camera. The images in my upcoming Sage Living Priestess Oracle Deck were photographed by me throughout the years.

My upcoming Pilgrimage Oracle Deck is a collaborative project with my mother, Dr. Christine White. All the images in this deck were photographed by my during my 3-month Pilgrimage to Greece, Crete, Malta, Rome, and England and then recreated in watercolour by Christine, mom.

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